Wireless Safety Onboard

The MOB+ base pack. Photo courtesy of FELL Marine.

Wireless Man Overboard System

The wireless MOB+ system. Photo courtesy of FELL Marine.

Let’s be honest. How many of you actually clip the kill switch lanyard to yourself when running your boat or PWC? I’d be willing to bet not many of you. Every year there are news articles of people (even some celebrities) that fall overboard only to watch their vessel power away from them, leaving them alone and stranded in the water.  Some are fortunate enough to get rescued, swim to safety, or have a crew member aboard that returns to pluck them from the water. Others are not so lucky. In most of these scenarios, danger and disaster could have been avoided by simply clipping on the kill switch cord. One has to ask why are they not being used and is there a better solution?

The fact is many don’t use the cord for varied reasons. One of the most common is that they can be uncomfortable and restrictive. Being somewhat short in length these cords tend to restrict where the operator can move aboard the vessel and can also get in the way while underway. Fell Marine has come up with a solution that eliminates the cord altogether, and allows not only the vessel operator but all crew members to have a comfortable, effective, wireless, and totally portable man overboard system that will shut the motor down should the captain go overboard. Designed for up to 4 people, it will notify the captain should any of the other three crewmembers fall overboard, and will shut the motor down should the skipper go over. The system is made up of a small hub that mounts on the dash or console (and fits in a standard 2” gauge cutout) called an xHUB and a single xFOB that can be worn on the person, put in a pocket, attached to an optional wrist band, lanyard or clip. Three more xFOBs can be added to the system, each purchased individually.

The first xFOB to connect (done by pushing the button on the front of the fob) categorizes that unit as belonging to the captain and will shut the engine off if it is detected as going overboard, by either being submerged in water, or moving out of range of the xHUB. Because it is wireless, the captain and crew can move around the boat while docking, fishing, or performing other duties aboard. If the captain does fall overboard, the engine shuts off and an alarm is sounded along with a flashing LED light on the xHUB. After six seconds, the engine can be restarted by a crewmember to allow for a fast recovery. Should a crewmember, or four-legged crewmember wearing a connected xFOB end up in the water, an alarm is immediately sounded alerting those remaining on board of the problem. The basic system is available for $199 and additional xFOBS are $39.99 with some special offers by some retailers offering a free xFOB with the purchase of a system. xFOB wearable accessories such as wrist bands and lanyards are also available. Check FellMarine.com for more information.

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