Waterfront Access At the RV Supershow

The RV Supershow in Tampa will be held January 16th-21st, 2018 . It is considered one of the largest RV shows in the US covering over 26 acres at the Florida Fair Grounds. There are plenty of dealers and vendors, featuring their new innovative products. Also, if you are in the market to purchase a new RV this is the place to look at everything possible, get a great deal, and get financing on the spot. The show also offers seminars you can attend which can help with your selection. What better way to get portable waterfront access than in a new RV?


At the show you can see merchandise that you can buy at show prices, which always makes for a great deal. Most of all, there are gadgets and widgets to make your   RV vacations less complicated. One interesting item was the Miracle Grill Mat. It allows you to BBQ and gives your grill some protection. Just wipe the mat clean and best of all your grill stays clean while you’re cooking. This mat allows you to cook anything on it without things falling through the grill of your BBQ. If you’re camping you can also use these mats to bake cookies. Who doesn’t love a fresh baked cookie? There were also practical items such as a wide selection of outdoor rugs, seating and even great deals on propane campfires.

Another valuable appliance that you need while camping is an ice maker. Having a cold drink on a hot summer night is worth the price of the machine. The Dometic’s compact portable ice maker is convenient to store and an elegant appliance that can sit on your counter or outside while entertaining. It is powered by 120V. There are two sizes of ice cubes to choose, large and small. If you are in a hurry for some ice the first batch is yours in under 15 minutes. The machine will make about 26 lbs. in 24 hours.

In the exhibitors hall you find lots of information on RV parks and campgrounds and they have opportunities to win free swag and even free stays. There are a large variety of places to stay with your RV from exclusive resorts to economical family facilities. There is something for everyone.

The best thing about the show is to get into and inspect all of the new RVs. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Class A, B, C or a towable. They are all fun to go in and climb around. If you have kids, this is the best place to see how everyone would fit, especially when you are camping in tight quarters that can make for an interesting vacation.

The Class A motorhome is the luxury liner of the RVs. This type of RV will have all of the amenities to make your RV vacation comfortable and luxurious. At the show you are allowed to enter some of these beautiful RVs which can range in price from $20,000 (pre-owned) up to $2.5 million. At the show in the more expensive models you were required to take off your shoes or wear cover-ups over your shoes. Winnebago features many models at the RV Super Show. One such RV is the Sightseer 36Z featuring a triple-slide and a one and a half bath. Also, a studio loft bed allows for additional sleeping space.

Winnebago decided to bring back a retro inspired Brave back in March of 2015 and has been a huge success. It is available for viewing and purchase at the show. Many remember the original motorhome of the late 60’s and 70’s. The new Brave brings a legendary design and quality build but with new cutting-edge features. The floorplans have features for all families. The 27B and the 31C have slide-outs that provide additional living space. One interesting feature is retro shag carpeting where the driver and passenger sit.

A Class B motorhome is considered to be a van conversion. This is the smallest floorplan for a fully enclosed motorhome. The features include cooking facilities, refrigerator and self-contained toilet. Some use this vehicle as a family vehicle that doubles as a compact RV. This can sleep from two to four people comfortably. Winnebago also will show off  the Travato at the show. This unit is for the adventure seeker. It has features for outdoor living, like an exterior speaker system and LED lighting on the awning. These can range in price from $40,000 to $100,000

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The Class C motorhome is a mini-motorhome. These will have cooking facilities, refrigerators and self-contained toilets. Some will have slide-outs to offer more living space. Many of these are used as “toy haulers” if you have things you want to take with you, like motorcycle, ATV and even bikes. When the garage isn’t used or the toys are out, the area can be used as living space, although the garage isn’t as luxurious as the other living area.

Finally there are the towable RVs. Within this section of RVs there are four varieties. The first is the travel trailer which can be as small as one bedroom and as large as a Class A motorhome. Some feature slide-outs that provide additional living space. These will have cooking facilities, refrigerators and self-contained toilets and bathrooms. The smaller ones can be towed using a full-size sedan, van SUV or a pick-up truck. More manufacturers are introducing lighter weight models which allow for more families to get out into traveling the open road while saving on gas consumption. These can range in price from $10,000 to $100,000.

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No matter what RV is selected they all offer an economical way for a family to travel. You get to take your vacation home wherever you go and can enjoy the economy of cooking your own food and the luxury of sleeping in your own bed. They offer the ability to be close (if not directly adjacent) to rivers, bays and even beaches that allow for great times as a family on and near the water.

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