SUP Fishing Innovations

A visit to Surf Expo revealed new and impressive developments in the world of Stand Up Paddling. One trend that was evident was the evolution of the SUP board to more than just a board to paddle or exercise on. The SUP has developed into an expedition platform and a very capable fishing machine.

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There were many examples of top-of-the line fishing stand up paddleboards at Surf Expo. One manufacturer who has built a solid reputation for building impressive and innovative fishing SUPs is BOTE With a full line of fishing, racing and recreational boards they are constantly innovating and producing first on the block must have products. Brilliant innovations such as slots to hold your paddle while fishing and incredibly useful rails that you can lean against and hang equipment from are all evident on their boards. One board at the show that was created for an Everglades expedition even had dual slots for matching machetes – not your typical accessory but clearly displayed the out of the box thinking that their designers achieve.

Another display of the evolution of SUP fishing was a beautifully crafted fishing board by Speedboard This craft has the pedigree of a full-blown race ready paddleboard constructed of carbon fiber but with refinements for fishing such as a removable composite cooler with rare earth magnet closures and beautiful wood veneer top. Other features include carefully placed interchangeable mounts for an unlimited number of accessories such as cam cleats for anchoring or cup holders, etc. Designed for speed and stability while fishing this thoroughbred board is crafted like a fine Swiss watch and as with a quality watch it is pricey but you get what you pay for.

There were other SUP innovations at the show such as Bonefish Hippies one-piece aluminum shallow water fins. Addressing a much needed requirement of any angler (or paddler) who rides their SUP in shallow water, these strong fins can allow anglers to glide through very shallow water and even beach their SUP without worrying about breaking a fin or worse a fin box. Available in long and short versions these fins bolt on easily and are available in various colors. Check out their site for all the options and for other innovative SUP fishing gear.

Stay tuned for a more in depth article on SUP fishing innovations. As the popularity of SUP fishing grows the quality and quantity of innovations make the activity even more desirable.

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