Not All Peddle Kayaks Are The Same

Jackson Kayaks has an innovative new Peddle Drive

Not All Peddle Kayaks Are The Same

A growing trend in the kayaking and kayak fishing world is peddle driven kayaks. They are a kayak fisherman’s dream, and an exercise enthusiast’s dream work out. For the fisherman having one’s hands-free to cast, reel and rig baits while maneuvering the kayak is definitely handy (pun intended). For the exercise enthusiast, it is an opportunity to work a whole different range of muscles while enjoying time on the water. A close examination of the various peddle kayaks available and it becomes immediately evident that not all kayaks are created equal; this is particularly true if you intended to run the kayak in shallow areas.

Jackson Kayak’s Peddle Drive

Many of today’s kayaks have drives that have a shaft that connects the foot pedals to a propeller below the kayak. In some cases, this drive system can only be removed when running in shallow water, and the operator has to use a conventional double-bladed paddle to move around. Not so with Jackson Kayak’s Flex Drive System. This new drive system allows for easy forward and reverse propulsion, and its innovative design allows the drive to articulate for running in a variety of depths. Able to operate in inches of water, the three-blade propeller is protected from impact by a daggerboard. The whole drive can easily articulate away from harm’s way and can be easily removed at the end of the day. With this system, you can run from deep to shallow and never have to resort to hand paddling.

Jackson Kayak’s propeller is protected by a skeg.

Jackson Kayak’s Flex Drive System can be found in several of their kayak models including the well-equipped Coosa FD. This fully outfitted fishing kayak offers excellent maneuverability, speed, stability, and tracking while offering many of the creature comforts today’s demanding kayak angler requires. It may not catch you more fish, but it doesn’t leave you many excuses not to.

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