DIY Hat Straps

A hat makes a big statement.  You can wear the ever popular baseball cap which is a favorite and casual but in order to have good protection against the sun we need to wear a wide brim hat that protects our face, ears and the back of our neck in addition to the top of our head.

So you find the perfect sun hat but there’s a problem.  The hat looks great, fits great and you look like a celebrity in it.  The problem is you need this hat to stay on your head on a windy day or out on a boat. What to do?  Here is an easy way to adapt the hat with a strap to make sure it doesn’t fly off your head.

wr hat photo


Things you will need:

Strap (Any kind will do, this will depend on your hat). We went with a leather look to incorporate the existing band on the hat.


  1. Measure the hat and identify the center, this will ensure that you place your grommet/eyelet in the right location
  2. You can mark the center on one side of the brim with a pencil and poke through, we are using a straw hat which makes this step easier.  If you have a hat made of other material, you can use a pin to push through and identify.


  1. Take eyelet/grommet and place where pencil is. Make sure the smooth eyelet is facing down.
  1. Poke through the hat with grommet.


  1. Take the anvil tool that is provided in the kit and gently tap with a hammer.  Do the same on the other side.

wr 120

  1. Take strap and find the center, mark with a paper clip.

wr 124

  1. Place strap around the hat overlapping in front


  1. Pinch strap on one side at eyelet point


  1. Remove strap and do an over hand knot


  1. Pull tight


  1. Repeat on other side.
  1. Place strap with knots around hat.



  1. You can place tape at end to help guide strap through the hole if having difficulty.


  1. Repeat on other side
  1. Ensure strap is loose enough or tight enough to fit around head



Stylish and practical.

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