Pelican Coolers and Tumblers

Pelican Coolers and Tumblers There are a few tumblers and coolers out there that are as prestigious as they are good, with well-earned reputations for keeping things cooler [...]

Wireless Safety Onboard

Wireless Man Overboard System The wireless MOB+ system. Photo courtesy of FELL Marine. Let’s be honest. How many of you actually clip the kill switch lanyard to yourself [...]

Yeti Holiday Deals

Yeti Holiday Deals Black Friday weekend is upon us and it is the time for deals to be had. Yeti, a company that traditionally never discounts their products has some of its [...]

Boating & Paddling Gift Guide

  Boating & Paddling Gift Guide Finding that perfect gift for the one who loves to be on, in or around the water can be difficult. Our editors have scoured all kinds of [...]

A Mouse In The Boathouse

Amphicar Tours at The Boathouse in Downtown Disney. By Glenn Hayes When travelling to Orlando and visiting the world of a certain famous mouse, boating or classic boats may [...]

Gifts for your outdoor dad

For the father that has everything, here are some great gifts that will let him know you love him and that you put more thought into it than running to your local retail [...]

Wave Power

  A new Four Winns sporting Volvo Penta’s new Forward Drive. Photo by Glenn Hayes By Glenn Hayes This year has proven to be one of new and innovative power plants [...]

DIY Hat Straps

A hat makes a big statement.  You can wear the ever popular baseball cap which is a favorite and casual but in order to have good protection against the sun we need to wear [...]

Caving In Florida

Caving In Florida Just one of the caves at Florida Caverns State Park So you’ve been to the typical attractions that Florida presents and thought that you had seen all that [...]

Welcome to Aqua Lifestyle!

We would like to welcome you to Aqua Lifestyle. This online magazine is a compilation of original articles and images along with links to information from many sources that [...]